September 16, 2011

Friday Blog Hop 9-16-11

Today's Friday question from
Book Blogger Hop

“As a book blogger, how do you introduce yourself in your profile?”

When I read the question, I thought "huh?  Simply post my profile!  That's the easiest answer."
Then I realized it may be time to update my profile (not that it needs much updating), but to add a tab at the top of the page and separate the "about me" from the "review policy."  
So, thanks Jen, for the nudge to do a bit of house-cleaning around my Reflections with Coffee.


Jo said...

I also thought it was an easy question, and then realized I hadn't looked at my "about me" page for a long time! :)

Happy Hopping!

Howard Sherman said...

This week’s Book Blogger Hop really threw me a curveball.

That’s because I don’t call myself a book blogger. I never even considered myself a book blogger. Sure I blog about books and book-related topics week after week. But for some reason I never saw the label of “book blogger” applying to me.

If you’re wondering why then please hop on over to my blog and find out –

Howard Sherman

TC said...

Hi, just hopping on by. I had to take a look at my page to remember what was on there. A bit about me and a bit about getting to where I am with reading and blogging really.

AlleluiaLu said...

The sound of all the bloggers sweeping up their profiles is deafening! I know I'll be adjusting mine. I hadn't looked at it since I wrote it and it is so lame.

Yours is great!

Have a great weekend!

pussreboots said...

I recently changed my profile to reflect the fact I'm almost done with library school. Please come and read my new introduction.

Beckvalleybooks said...

New follower via book blog hop hoping you will follow us back at thks in advance xx

Tiger Holland said...

I have to keeps tabs on my profile to update it, too, mainly because I include my age in there. And it changes yearly. :-)