September 4, 2011

Dark Eden - review


That is what went through my mind while I read  Dark Eden
author:  Patrick Carman
to be published November 2011
iPhone and Android apps out now
source:  Around the World Arc Tours

plot:  Will Besting is 15 years old.  He's an auditory learner (sorry for the "teacher-speak", been in the education field a long time).  Will has been going to a psychologist for several years because of his fears.   His technical skills help him figure out a way to download auditory files of his sessions and the sessions of the doctor's other patients.

One day the doctor tells him she wants him to go to a treatment kind of place with six other patients his age.    By the time he meets the other six, he already knows about their phobias thanks to the auditory files he has stolen.   Will makes plans.....

My thoughts: the advanced Reader's copy was an enjoyable read. The middle part describing the immersion therapy dragged a tiny bit, however the surprises at the end were things I didn't expect. Well worth the read!


BookGeek said...

I like the sound of this book - facing your fears. I think the title makes it a lot more sinister though! Thanks for sharing :)

Patrick Carman said...

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