August 15, 2011

Enthralled - review

editors: Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong
source:  Around the World ARC Tours

Come take a journey.  Go on a diversion.  Travel the paranormal way.   That is the theme of Enthralled, an anthology of stories by sixteen paranormal authors.

As a teacher, I've gone on hundreds of field trips.  One high school student threw an orange from a fire tower in Gettysburg.   On another trip, we searched for a student who ran ahead of us and then disappeared in the parking garage at University of Tennessee.  I texted the school, we searched the garage.  Finally the school texted me that he was back on campus.   Turned out he rode with another teacher.   I was furious, because neither of them had told me he would ride a different school van.

Therefore, that's why my very favorite story was "Giovanni's Farewell" by Claudia Gray.  Twins, Cairo and Ravenna, are on a field trip in Rome.   sidenote: Gray provides intriguing details such as  Cairo and Ravenna are named for the cities where their parents met and honeymooned.   When the story ended, I was so disappointed -- wanted more!

Some of the stories are set in the worlds the authors have created in their full-size books.   That made it difficult to follow what was going on.  But it is a great way to meet their characters and be introduced into their worlds.

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