August 5, 2011

Divergent - work

author: Veronica Roth
source: bought for myself

About you: Society in this dystopian novel is divided into five Factions. Each one emphasizes a characteristic: honest, selfless, brave, peaceful, intelligent. Which characteristic would fit YOU at age 16? Want to take a test to find out?

About me: Because of my job in the Career Center of my school as a Transition Assessment Coordinator, I fell in love with Divergent. I gave many many aptitude, interest, and achievement tests, then wrote up transition plans for all the high school students after interviewing them. Reading about the assessments in Divergent hit close to home (correction: close to work)!

Back to the novel: When a person in this futuristic society becomes 16, he or she takes a series of tests to see which Faction he/she belongs in. At a formal ceremony, the sixteen-year-olds declare whether or not they will stay where they were raised with their families, or move into another faction. Then comes a series of initiation trials.

My perspectives:  I would have loved to read more about the assessment tests. The rest of the novel, however, was enjoyable. At first I had to write down a list of characters and which faction he/she came from ... soon that wasn't needed because Roth did a great job of describing her characters.

This is book one of a triology; I'm hoping her other books will describe how the other factions conduct their initiation trials.  I declare this one of the best books I read this summer.

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