May 26, 2011

Why so many dystopians?

Last night at a birthday dinner, my daughter and I talked about dystopia reads.  Afterwards, I went straight to Border's and bought Divergent with a 50% off coupon.  She ordered Delirium from Amazon.

Driving home, I wondered why so many dystopian books are coming out.  So many!   I wouldn't call dystopia the new replacement for vampire novels.  Had to be another reason.

Today, I found the answer in Ilsa J. Bick's  awesome essay at Fragments of Life.  She includes many videos for us to reflect on.    Some thoughts while I was in reflective mode:
  • Oh oh, I remember the fear of the Communist menace.   Our fallout drills.  We went under our desks. 
  • The awe the first time I saw Wizard of Oz in the drive-in theater, when it changed from black-and-white.
  • Beth Goolsby introduced me to Star Trek when my family ate at her home in Gray, Georgia.
  • Twilight Zone, yes.   A favorite show.
  • Rebel Without a Cause -- wow, I watched this when it first came out in the theater.  
  • Hubby loved Logan's Run soon after we married.    
  • Son's favorite movie a few years back was Matrix.     
 Ilsa mentions those and many others.  I had many a-ha moments while reading her essay on templates
I'll shut up now.  Go take a look-see.

Her book Ashes comes out in late August.   I'm entering the giveaway (same link as the essay) AND putting this book on my wishlist at amazon.  Here's the cover of another Bick book... isn't it eeriely creepy-beautiful?!

There are many more dystopian books being given away.   Click on the Dystopian Domination button on upper the sidebar for more.


Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

I think people like dystopian so much because who doesn't want to know what the world is going to be like after we're gone? With so many dystopians out there, we have so much room to speculate. We can look at them for what we could see happening, what we think would never happen, etc. It's all very interesting!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Interesting essay -- thanks for sharing. There were a lot of dystopian books at BEA, but I'm not usually into those so I didn't investigate much.