May 17, 2011

new blogger? need books? Here's news!

Two exciting news about the Indie Lit Awards

1.  Do you have a book blog and want more books to review?  Bloggers who are willing to accept and review books published in 2011 can  now add their blog to a Mr. Linky list for publishers and publicists to see.   Go to the Indie Lit Awards site,  look at the genres at the top of that page.  Choose the genre  you read the most and leave your home page link there.  Be sure to have somewhere on your own blog a way for the publisher/publicist/author to contact you.  There's no guarantee you'll be contacted, but worth a try!

2.  All readers not just book bloggers, will be eligible to nominate books for this year’s Indie Lit Awards!
      We’re looking forward to your nominations in September.
Friendly reminder: if you worked on a title (author, publisher, editor, publicist, etc.) you may not nominate that title.
     So, start writing down your favorite titles of 2011 for each genre that you read.   Better yet,  fill in this form and I'll send you a reminder in September to post your nomination.


Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Thanks for sharing :)

BookGeek said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm heading over right now!