May 23, 2011

grabbing a chair

I'm sitting in a comfy chair at BEA at the auto dealership having my car serviced.  Another woman in the waiting room had stinky perfume on, giving me a headache. 

 The service manager told me I could move to a desk in the sunny corner of the showroom -- it isn't public because there's a wall in front of me.

I'm loving this -- free WiFi, my laptop, a desk, and books.  I told the service-guy I have all day to wait (but not all night, ha) as it is a major service job.  I won't  be so happy when the bill comes.

To introduce myself,  I'm Betty.  Once several years ago, a school-librarian friend invited me to drive down to ALA Conference in Atlanta for the day.  We paid only to go through the exhibit halls, not for the workshops.  I was blown away by all the publishers and authors there.   Also made several trips back to the car with goodie bags.   I wasn't a blogger then, so many of the names there were new to me.

Now I'm sure BEA is even more awesome, and in NYC too!   Trying not to drool.   To my delight, here is Armchair BEA for those bloggers staying home or in my case, at the auto dealership.
Come join us in the fun!


carolsnotebook said...

I hate waiting for my car to get fixed. Sounds like you have a nice waiting spot though.

I know, I so wish I was in New York, too, but alas.

Paula Krapf said...

Sounds like a great setup at the dealership! Mine has upgraded their waiting area and it includes free wi-fi and coffee so it's actually a nice place to hang out now :)

Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

How lovely that you found a good waiting spot :) Free wi-fi... you have got to love it!

Here is my intro post!

Alyce said...

I'm glad you escaped the smelly perfume! I got to go to ALA in New Orleans with my husband a few years ago and the exhibit hall was such a treat.

lisa (the little reader) said...

lol, Armchair BEA from a waiting room. gotta love the Internets.

it might not be as exciting as New York City, but at least we have the at home masses to celebrate with here digitally. i hope you have a great week and that it doesn't take that long to get your car fixed!

Miss Good on Paper said...

Nice to meet you, Betty. I just joined Armchair BEA and am excited to have found your blog. I think I'll grab some coffee and look around a bit.

Thanks! -Miss GOP

Michelle said...

I went to a regional trade show in October and was absolutely amazed at the goodies and overwhelmed (in a good way) with being surrounded by so many bibliophiles. It was a great event.

On behalf of the Armchair BEA organizers, we hope you have a blast this week!

Anglers Rest said...

Hello, stopping by from the Armchair BEA.

The actual conference sounds great, all those books and authors....wonderful. I have attended other conferences, mainly work or profession driven, and come away with delightful goody bags, but a conference dedicated to books comes up top!

Here in the UK we have to have a MOT for the car. We used to have our previous car serviced at the main dealer and as part of this always got a free MOT. Of course nothing is ever free and they always found something wrong. So one year, I said I would wait and view the inspection. I got a chair and sat in the reception in front of the viewing window and held in my hand the Haynes car manual for our car, periodically turning the pages, implying that I knew exactly what was going on. I didn't and the Haynes manual is the only book I didn't enjoy reading. Anyway, there was no bill at the end!

Debolina Raja Gupta said...

Hey there, wishes from India. I am Debolina and I really liked going through your blog, something I will read through while sipping on a warm mug of coffee :) I am following you and it would be great if your would visit my blog too and follow it if you like...
I am two weeks old at Armchair BEA and already loving it :)

Esme said...

There is nothing worse than the stinky perfume people. Love the free wifi at the dealer-although there really should be free wifi.