April 4, 2011

Lead. Serve. Love. - review

Lead. Serve. Love.
author Gregory E. Lang
publisher Thomas Nelson
to be published May 10, 2011

Three is a perfect number.  The top reason is the Trinity.   

Back when I was a teenager, I ran across three three-word prayers in a novel, Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge.  It made such an impact on me that I say those while doing exercise:   
Lord have mercy.  Thee I adore.  Into thy hands.

Gregory E. Lang has done a similar thing.  He wrote and published one-hundred three-word sentences on ways to be like Jesus.  Lang's friend calls his work "three-ology theology."    The book itself looks deceptively simple, but packs a wallop.  After each sentence is a short paragraph explaining more;  the next page has a few scriptures relevant to that sentence.

I did find myself thinking:   "I should pick up the Bible and follow the scriptures myself" rather than depending on this book to tell me what to do and how to do it.    One thing that bothered me a bit about this little book was the color of the font -- after some reading, my eyes were strained.  But then, this book is not meant to be read in one sitting.

A six page sample is on the sidebar of Lang's blog.  I encourage you to go look at the sample pages.  You'll be impressed.

source:  NetGalley for review purposes

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Sarah said...

This one sure has my attention, Betty. Sad to say, it's hard for me to get through books these days. I get engrossed and hate to put them down, but my reality is that I rarely have time to devote to reading much. So... books I can pick up for just a few minutes at a time work best for me. This sounds like one of them- and a good one at that! Thanks for the review!