April 25, 2011

Hourglass -review

Myra McEntyre
to be published mid-June 2011
source:  Around the World ARC tours

Emerson, aka Em,  hallucinates phantom apparitions.   She touches them, they scream, she screams.   Everybody thinks she's nuts.

WAIT!  This is not a ghost story!  I went into this book half-heartedly expecting ghosts, not my favorite kind of genre.   It is even better!

Emerson is kicked out of school because of her hallucinations.  She confides in her older brother about these "hallucinations."    He hires an assortment of consultants to try to get rid of them.   Finally he hires Michael.  The chemistry between them is, the best word to define it,  sizzling chemistry!  Add some paranormal physics; Einstein said time is relative, remember?

Hourglass doesn't simply describe Emerson's figure (shown on the cover).  It  is an organization that Michael comes from --- to say much more would be a multitude of spoilers.  We meet other people who have unusual abilities.

To the author, I beg more, more, more!

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BookGeek said...

I've wanted to read this book! Now I want it even more!