April 29, 2011

Friday Blog Hops - April 29

Friday -- and the hostesses have great questions!
Jennifer at Crazy for Books asks:
 "Summer is coming quickly - what 2011 summer release are you are most looking forward to?"
Forever by Maggie Stiefvater.  I have Shiver and Linger on my bookshelves, but am waiting for Forever before I start this series.
Parajunkee's View wants a list:

Q. Keeping with the dystopian and apocalypse theme that seems to be running rampant on parajunkee.com, I have one very hard question for you: If you were stocking your bomb shelter, what books would you HAVE to include if you only had space for ten? 

1. The Bible is first and foremost.  Being in the bomb shelter, I'd want some comfort from scripture.

2, 3, 4. Pillars of the Earth- a fave along with sequels World Without End and Fall of Giants (haven't read the latter 2)

5, 6, 7. The Hunger Games - my daughter borrowed them, then her friends wanted to read them. I told her to pass on to them because I already have a huge pile of books.  Eventually they'll make their way back to me.   One friend is expecting a baby, we tell her to name the girl Katniss.

8, 9, 10.  Foundation Novels by Isaac Asimov (triology)   I adore his Robot stories and his Black Widower stories, but have never read the Foundation.  Hopefully I'll be out of the bomb shelter by the time I finish all, and will be interested in reading the rest of the series.

I'm curious about your choices and recommendations.


Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Great list. I really need to read Pillars of the Earth. I've only heard great things.

Anti-Drug Reads said...

Great choices! This really was a tough one!

- New Follower, Cory from Anti-Drug Reads

Elizabeth said...

Shiver and Linger sound interesting.

Hopping by.

I am finding so many books that I haven't heard of.

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Tena @ Crazy Book Slut said...

newest follower, hope your weekend is a great one!

Crazy Book Slut

Loren Chase said...

I LOVE that you told your friend to name her baby Katniss! That is so awesome. And I also love Asimov's Robot stories, they're some of my favorites! Happy Friday!


Alisha (MyNeedToRead) said...

Man. I really need to crack open the Maggie Stiefvater books...but knowing now that the third book will be released soon, I think I'll do as you plan, and start into the series once Forever comes out. I hope it's worth the wait. ^_^