March 19, 2011

Mini-Challenge: TEAMS

A mini-challenge mission from Princess Bookie
-Write a blog post telling us about a team and which team you are on and why.
- Be Creative. Use a favorite love triangle, tv show, movie, book, etc.

Team Lily or Team Robin
Which girl has the most personality?  Changes her hair weekly or even daily.  Is a go-getter, encourager, loyal and true.  Although sometimes she can be a bit emotional.  In the photo, she's the leader with the rest of the crew cheering her on.    Lily Aldrin. 

Not that there's anything wrong about Robin Sherbatsky,  beautiful and hot.  Because of her job as a news anchor,  there's some repression of her true feelings and inner thoughts.  She stands by, stands there, looks beautiful with very little facial expression.  We viewers don't know yet who the kids' "Mother" will be,  Robin is "Aunt Robin" always,  Ted Mosby's second choice.   So, I'm on Team Lily!

How about you?  Which team do you choose?

1 comment:

BookGeek said...

I love HIMYM!!!

I have to be Team Robin though. I love her depth and her gritty sides. I also love her horrible attempts at humor.

I think I love Lily when she's with Marshall - they are the best team ever!