March 1, 2011

Me Worry?

Maybe because of the MAD magazines I used to devour,  I don't worry.   Used to worry before doing something new like starting high school or waiting for the college admission letter or buying a house for the first-and-last time. 

Most of the time, I don't worry.  One summer just before my pre-teen daughter and I were to leave for a trip to the British Isles, my husband asked,  "What if the plane crashes?"   My instant reply:  "When God says it is my time to go, it is my time."  Shrug.

Our pastor had a sermon Sunday "Look at the birds in the air," more  specifically, Worry.   I chose a photo of a sign my friend Pat shot in Israel and added some scripture to it for our church website. 

 Before heading to church Sunday morning, I ran across a post Tomorrow will Worry about Itself on (in)Courage by Candace McQuain.

A young couple (former students of mine) sat in front of me in church.   Throughout Greg's sermon, they kept looking and nodding at each other in surprise, eyes wide.   His words meant something to them.

Afterwards, the couple told me they had recently seen a Japanese movie with the same theme,  don't worry.  I told them if you hear or see the same thing more than once, it can be a message from God.

One thing Greg said in his sermon was, "Worry is a sin."  I didn't quite understand.  How?

Another blog post just came through, this time from Hieropraxis,  Don't Worry about a Thing.  Ah, there's more explanation  -- worry is the sin of Pride.  A great post to read.

Come to think of it, Alfred E. Neuman of MAD magazine fame didn't influence me.  It is Faith and the knowledge that God and Jesus have our best interests in mind.

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Tracy said...

I really love that saying about the birds, great perspective! Much like you, I banish worry from my thoughts, via prayer and daily affirmation, one of my personal favorite affirmations 'I walk in blessed assurance'.I say it every morning on my way out the door and in a situation where I feel my confidence momentarily falter, I will say this silently and it really works!