March 17, 2011

Fairy Tales & Seven Imps - reviews

It is Maddox Eve!   That means Max turns two tomorrow.   When I read about this book on Seven Imps Before Breakfast, I absolutely had to buy it. 

Let me read you two pages, then show you a picture from the book.  

Red Hood?




Well, maybe.
Chavarri's picture borrowed from Seven ImpsClick on link to see Chavarri's work in progress.

I'm smitten.  Aren't you?  Imagine how sleek the wolf's fur is.   And how your favorite child would yell "NOOOOO!" when you read this book.

I'm also smitten with Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.   Jules and I worked together in the same school until her family moved away.  I'm still wiping away tears.   She started her blog way back in 2006;  oodles of pictures and interviews.   Jules is also a new columnist for Kirkus.   And has a book in the works ... not until late 2012.    NOOOO, such a long wait!

Time for me to go wrap the book for Max. 
Details   Fairly Fairy Tales
author: Esmé Raji Codell
illustrator:  Elisa Chavarri
published January 2011
source:  bought it for family

What's your favorite fairy tale?

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Jules at 7-Imp said...

Aren't you kind? Thank you.

*Wiping away tears, too.*