March 11, 2011

a date!

Well, a girl can dream!  Princess Bookie is encouraging us to dream.
Her Mini Challenge is
Date A TV or Movie Character
-Close Your Eyes!
-Imagine You Just Won A Contest Consisting Of A Date (Dinner And A Movie)! 
The rest of the description of the challenge is here.

The first qualification for this date is that we can communicate.  None of this trying to lipread nor writing notes back and forth.   He has to know my preferred language:  ASL.

So, it is ---- drumrollllll, and make it loud please for his sake.
Dr. Gil Grissom of CSI

Gil lives in Vegas; we'll meet at any restaurant of his choice --  my usual caveat is "any place except McDonald's"   With his background in forensics, he would know which restaurant to avoid because of connections with unsavory criminals and bugs.

Over dinner, we'd reflect on some of his most interesting cases.  He probably knows the top forensics expert  Dr. Bill Bass of the Body Farm in Knoxville.  I took a non-credit class in forensic anthropology under one of his grad students once  -- we handled skulls and skeletons.   So I don't think our dinner conversation would be too queasy.
But if it is, we'll change the subject to ASL and linguistics.

After dinner, Princess Bookie suggested a movie.  But while in Vegas, gotta do what Vegas is famous for --- a show!   Any Cirque du Soliel show!   There are seven to choose from.
And after that..... you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.   Gil is truly

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