February 15, 2011

internet addiction - review

Yesterday, Sarah Mae of Like a Warm Cup of Coffee wrote about the internet addiction that affects her, me, and many of you.  If you happen to go read that first, and then decide not to come back for the rest of my post, my feelings won't be hurt - smiles.

I need to cut down, cut back, or even cut out completely.   It is not just the Internet, but things I get from there like  Plants and Zombies.   Internet addiction leads to worse things than waste of time. That is Alexis Singer's memoir.

author: Alexis Singer
source:  Paperback Swap

Alexis says at the opening, "I wish I had known the future when an instant message (IM) popped up."  Alexis was sixteen, solitary and stressed, "in high school, we're all loners, at least from our own perspectives"  
         Teens with eyes glued to a monitor .. "escapism in its most luring form, especially for people who have a hard time being themselves in person.  We all find our niche."  

oooooh,  that IM turns out to be from a man with predatory purposes.   The six word IM leads to cybersex.   Alexis becomes even more solitary and stressed.   I couldn't put down this book ... wanted to see if this creep, stalker, predator (the real word I want to use isn't g-rated) would be caught and punished.  

All females, no matter her age,  with a tendency to look for an escape from loneliness should read Alexis.   I'm now going to shut down this computer and go do other nagging and necessary chores.  How about you?


Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I worry about being on the internet all the time, too. I've been trying to cut back on my online time, but it's hard!

BookGeek said...

I know I have a problem! But my job requires me to be on the internet, so it mainly is me just having to cut back in my free time. That's when I pick up a book. This book sounds really good, though.