February 2, 2011

Eucharisteo! review

published January 2011
source:  bought myself

Eucharisteo!   I gave a friend a handmade birthday card that said she was full of eucharisteo.  She wasn't sure how to take it until she opened her gift, a book.  
   Then I told her to look at pages 32 and 33. Eucharisteo is a Greek word with many meanings built in.  Here's what the author Ann writes:

Charis. Grace.
Eucharisteo.  Thanksgiving.
Chara. Joy.
A triplet of stars, a constellation in the black.

Ann takes on a dare to make a list of 1,000 blessings -- one thousand gifts that she already has.   Don't misunderstand, the whole book is not a simple list. The first chapter opens upon a traumatic event in Ann's childhood;  she "snapped shut to grace".    Chapter two  introduces "a word to live...and die by" that is eucharisteo.  The rest of the book is sheer beauty.

Jesus cursed the town of Korazin in Matthew 11:21.   I walked through there one month ago today and saw a dead town no one lives in.   Ann asks us, "what does Jesus directly do, in the face of apparent failure, when no one responded to His teaching?  He practiced eucharisteo and thanked God.

    I cannot do justice reviewing  One Thousand Gifts.  Some things aren't meant to be described, but best discovered.   I invite you to meet  Ann on her pages, and more importantly explore eucharisteo for yourself.  Do you dare to live fully right where you are?

P.S.  See the necklace I'm wearing in the photo?    Before the holidays, I emailed the family and told them all I wanted were photos and something from the catalogs Ann mentioned.   My daughter got me some ducks (thank you!) plus this necklace from Jamie's Jewels to remember them.

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BookGeek said...

I think my mother-in-law might like this book for her birthday. Gotta keep my eye out for it. ;)