January 22, 2011

review: How to Be Perfect

How to Be Perfect
author:  Daniel M. Harrell
published January 5, 2011
publisher and source:  Faith Words

I just returned from a trip to Israel and Jordan.  While there, we saw how rough the Wilderness is. The Jews who wandered for forty years with Moses needed a set of rules to keep healthy.  The Jews in the Promised Land also needed the regulations -- to remain healthy, live together as a group, and to follow the laws of G_d.  The priests, the Levites, were told specifically how to worship.

That's where the Biblical book Levictus comes in.

Levictus!   At the beginning of every year, many people make a resolution to read the Bible all the way through that year, but they fall by the wayside when they hit Levictus.

Daniel M. Harrell, a pastor in Boston,  challenges his congregation through email to follow the rules in Levictus.  Twenty members take up the challenge, and this makes the basis of How to Be Perfect. They communicated through Facebook.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially after being in Israel. One good chapter is about getting worked up over Sabbath. We were there for two Sabbaths. Our Israeli Jewish guide made a point of going home to her own family both Friday nights. It was also neat to see the local (Israeli) Jews celebrate in our hotel with their children; and the teens, oh! the teenagers! But I digress....

This is a book I'm glad to have had the privilege to read, I recommend it to you.

As a side note, here is a great article by Bob Deffinbaugh on Learning to Love Levictus.

Here is a place where you can read the excerpt from Harrell's book or order a copy.


Catherine said...

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Good luck!

BookGeek said...

Really interesting book. I also traveled to Israel twice, with one side trip to Jordan and another to Egypt. Another book that you might enjoy is called "How to Read the Bible" by James Kugel. It's fascinating and goes in depth about translations, politics, conflicts and the heart of it all...G_d. You might enjoy!

Israel was such an amazing experience for me. I'll have to post a few pics on my blog!