January 20, 2011

Grace and Strength

This morning I lay in bed reading some blogs on my iPhone -- a lazy way to start the day in a good way.    Two posts were so similar to each other, I knew this was a nudge to me.  When you hear the same thing two or three times or even more in a short span, you know it was meant for you.

Lara, the Farmer's Wife wrote inCourage about Sustaining Grace.  She said "all I could pray was, "Lord, give me whatever it is that I need to make it through this day."   At day's end, Lara "realized I hadn’t gotten myself through the day at all.  God’s sustaining grace had."

Dr. David Jeremiah's devotional for the day talks about True Strength and paradoxes.  He concludes,  "We become strong (in Christ) as we recognize our own human weakness, when we depend more on Him and less on ourselves"

Both Lara and Dr. Jeremiah use 2nd Corinthians 12:9.  Here it is as in the NIrV:

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Logan E. Turner said...

I like that 2 Corinthians quote. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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