January 27, 2011

Full of Reflections

Dean Family 1922
I'm full of memories and reflections today.  

My Aunt Marguerite died peacefully this morning, two days past her 98th birthday.   My mother, three aunts,  and a very young cousin have died within 11 months of each other.

Starting at far left,  Marguerite,  Minerva, father Clyde, Nell,  baby Henry, mother Jessie, Wilmoth.   One brother who came 9 years after Henry is still living.  I cherish this Uncle.

Another picture --  this one from 1958, at one of the many Christmases we had at Oak Lawn.  Different stages of saying "cheese."
front:  Marguerite, Wilmoth, Jessie, Nell, Minerva  back:  Henry, C.W.

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joemmama said...

Bless you and your beautiful family.