November 23, 2010

spotlight: Bending toward the Sun

Spotlight on
author:  Leslie Gilbert-Lurie with Rita Lurie
published September 2009
publisher Harper Perennial
from Julie of FSB Associates 
Mothers and daughters and granddaughters --- a bond,  passing down feelings, traditions, celebrations, and stories to the next generation.    When childhood is interrupted and celebrations forbidden, the legacy changes.  The bond becomes more haunting, deeper, yet love continues.  
This is the story told by Rita Lurie, who was a child during the Holocaust.  She survived, her mother did not.  Rita went on to have a family.  Leslie Gilbert-Lurie, the middle of Rita's three children, has written a lovely memoir in three parts.  This is one of the most moving books to behold.  

I will be visiting a Holocaust museum in a few weeks --  I plan to put a copy of the Lurie family tree in my purse to look at while we are at the museum.

In the meantime, Gilbert-Lurie has written  a moving article on 15 Conversations to Have with Your Parents.  Scroll down to the next post to make some reflections of your own.


abitosunshine said...

I really want to read this book!

Library Cat said...

Thanks for the review ~ visiting from the HOP. I have written down the title so I won't forget.

I hope you have a chance to visit one of my blogs: LibrarysCatBooks and especially Never Forget: Holocaust Resources !!