November 1, 2010

Jack o'lanterns 2010

Granddaughter Maddy prepping her pumpkin.
Age 7, she did this all by herself!
Daughter-in-law did Harry Potter.  She's an expert in all things HP!
Son added Sirius.  I asked "who?"  D-i-L told me HP's godfather.  I know nothing about HP.
Daughter's Trio.  Things that fly at night.

Trio in the daytime.  Meet my friend Dry Bones.  He helped me when I did a devotional on Ezekiel 37.


Theresa M said...

Great pumpkins! I especially love the Sirius one!

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

Um, wow. Those are seriously AMAZING! I adore the Harry Potter ones! Your daughter-in-law has skills!