November 5, 2010

Follow Me Friday - November 5

Book Blogger Hop

The question in today's Follow Me Friday is:
"What are your feelings on losing followers? Have you ever stopped following a blog?"
Great questions!   When I run contests, I don't ask people to follow me ---  I want people to want to be here and to choose to follow, not because it is mandatory.   As a G.R.I.T. (girl raised in the South), call it Southern Hospitality!

Yes, I've stopped following a blog for a few reasons:  too many posts coming through my email or posts not relevant to my interests.   

I liked Jennifer's challenge to us on her Crazy for Books blog.  She says:
 I want you to find ONE blog in the Hop list that you genuinely WANT to follow (try to find a new blog, if you can!) and make at least 5 comments on their blog this week on 5 different posts.  



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