October 7, 2010

Temple Grandin

I usually don't participate in memes, but this one is intriguing.   Life is not all about books!

Monday, I had a free coupon from Redbox good for one night only (it comes via text the first Monday of the month).   So I chose a movie I'd never heard of, Temple Grandin.
It is a true story about a young girl with autism. A great film!  Turns out others think so too;  it won seven Emmy awards.  I won't tell you more,  but for a nice evening watching, check it out.

It left me feeling good, because earlier that day I had been thinking they don't make any more good movies.  Any more recommendations?


Missie said...


I really enjoyed Temple Grandin, too. I love movies that are poignant.

If I watched more movies, I'd probably be better at recommending something. Right now, my mind is drawing a blank.

Thanks for sharing!

estrella05azul said...

I hardly ever watch TV.
Usually it's reading, blogging.commenting/etc. or watching movies/series on the PC, so this title sounds great, I'll have to check it out.