October 17, 2010

review: Huck

subtitle:  The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family--and a Whole Town--About Hope and Happy Endings
author Janet Elder

The subtitle (above) tells the story of an adorable puppy named Huck, a reddish-brown toy poodle owned by the author's son, Michael.   Michael begged for seven full years for a puppy;  his parents had many many reasons to say "no."   Santa said "no" too.  
After Michael's mother, the author, had a diagnosis of breast cancer;  they decided to adopt a puppy after her cancer treatments were over.   Huck brought much joy.  Janet opens the book, "I embraced a lot of talismans when I had cancer --- but no talisman was as powerful as a dog named Huck."
Months went by;  the family decided to go to Florida for vacation.  They left Huck with Janet's sister in New Jersey despite some foreboding feelings on Janet's part. 
They get on the plane for Tampa.  Here is where the book jumped the shark for me.  Three full pages telling about Tampa's history and geography.   I felt the author was trying to pad her book to make it thicker.   Then twenty-six more pages about their vacation. The family spent only 30 hours in Tampa before getting on the plane.
The subtitle of the book tells the rest of the story ......  lost, hope, and happy endings.
This is a very sweet story of how the people in four small towns in New Jersey helped a family with a lost puppy.

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Kittie Howard said...

Super review! Seems like the author needed a more astute editor. She had a great story going, then dropped it. Too bad.