October 29, 2010

Friday Blog Hops - October 29

Good weekend to everyone!  Homecoming at school, Halloween, then a brand new month.

Today's Book Blogger Hop asks "What is the one bookish thing you would love to have, no matter the cost?" Easy:  a built-in wall of bookshelves.

Follow Me Friday asks  "If you have, or would have a daughter, what book would you want your daughter to read?"  My daughter and daughter-in-law are the age of most of you ;-)     I pass on some of the books I think they'd enjoy.  I saw Daughter had  Hunger Games on her wish list at Paperback Swap; told her I have all three books in the triology and lent them to her.  She finished all three in two weekends (not during the week as she's a full-time student).   Of course, an essential book that has been handed down hundreds of generations:  Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth - the Bible.

There's a giveaway to Rick Springfield's Late, Late at Night, in the next post, so scroll on down!
In the meantime, hello to all the li'l goblins knocking on your door.


redhead said...

a ha! a built in wall of bookshelves! but what would you do once you filled it up? :) be very happy, that's what!

I'd like full collections of everything ever published (in English please!!) by my favorite authors.

I Read Banned Books said...

Hopping by...I"m a follower! Seems like everyone is going for a fancy bookshelf. My answer is a little different.

Hope you come by and see my answer!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Just hopping by and enjoying the fantasies of the bookish world we would create....

Dreaming big doesn't hurt...we haven't got much chance of getting everything, but maybe we can slice off a piece of those dreams.

Here's what I wrote:

Click on my name....

Judith Leger said...

Happy Halloween!

I'm here for the blog hop and Follow Friday! I just love these. Answer for the Hop is an IPad or Kindle. Answer for the Follow Friday is: The books I would chose would be Dr. Suess' when she was young then as she grew older I would definitely recommend the Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon books! I loved them when I was young. Here my links and you can find me on facebook too!



Anna said...

Oh that built-in wall of bookshelves sounds fabulous. I'd like to do that too because I think they are gorgeous. Unfortunately, I am a chronic giver of books. I always give them away once I finish them. I have got to stop! Happy Friday! I'm a new follower!

Tribute Books Mama said...

I like your Book Blogger Hop answer. I'd love to go on a Jane Austen tour in England.

Carmel said...

Hey! Just hopping by! I'm your newest follower. I always look forward to Friday's and and excuse to discover new book bloggers. Have a great weekend!

Carmel @ Rabid Reads

Darcy said...

Hopping by from Follow Friday. I am following you and would love it if you follow me back at OpenBookEmptyCup.blogspot.com.


Kim said...

Thanks for hopping by my blog! Built-in's would be SO nice!

KIKA said...

Coming through via the hop :) Built in wall of bookshelves?

Lovely :)

Loving the blog and am now a follower. Happy reading!