October 28, 2010

blog tour: Call Me Kate

Call Me Kate: Meeting the Molly Maguires
author:  Molly Roe (Mary Garrity Slaby)
publisher:  Tribute Books

Katie is a young girl in Pennsylvania around the time of the Civil War.  After an accident in the coal mines and her realization that the conditions there are more than simply UNFAIR but extremely dangerous, she learns about the Molly Maguires.  Her friend Con has joined them.  What about Kate?

When I was invited to join in the Blog Tour, I accepted eagerly for several reasons.   My ancestors way way back settled in eastern Pennsylvania.  A great-grandfather fought in the Civil War.   As a former history teacher, I wasn't familiar with the Molly Maguires although I knew about problems between laborers and the bosses.    Encyclopedia.com explains it was a secret organization of Irish-Americans which "arose to combat the oppressive industrial and living conditions."  Several pictures and articles are at that link.

Call Me Kate is a wonderful historical fiction, well-researched, with every-day-life of the 1860's, tragedies, bigots, thrills, and a dilemma on what is the right thing to do.   Reading this during the time of the rescue of the miners in Chile made me more aware of mines.   The author plans a second book Sarah's Story: The Curse of Centralia focusing on Kate's younger sister.   This one I'll pick up too!

disclaimer:  received as an eBook from the publisher.  No monetary compensation.  My honest opinion in this review.

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Tribute Books said...

Betty - thanks for sharing 'Call Me Kate' with your blog readers. We appreciate your support of the book.

I'm glad that you're looking forward to the second book in the trilogy. Molly Roe is hard at work on it.

Just one quick mention that Katie actually didn't join the Molly Maguires - her friend Con did. Katie worked behind the scenes to try to disrupt their plan of violence. While she may have agreed with their concerns, she didn't agree with their violent actions.

You're not kidding when you said this was a hard time to live in.

Best wishes,
Tribute Books