September 19, 2010

Half Birthday and Full Anniversaries

Lovie Mae and Jessie Dean Taylor
My grandmother was born July 12, 1891, and her older sister January 12, 1888.  That meant when one sister had a birthday, it was also the other sister's half-birthday.  Their mother made these days special occasions with tea parties either under one of the oak trees on Oak Lawn or inside the house.

On Maddox's half-birthday in 2009, he went to his Aunt Tracy and Uncle Tim's wedding. 
     Litton's Restaurant gave the cupcakes for Tracy and Tim's wedding.


Yesterday was Max's half-birthday again, plus his Aunt Tracy and Uncle Tim's first anniversary.   His granddaddy and I went to Litton's and got cupcakes for Max to split with his sisters (half a cupcake for each person, because it is a half-birthday!)  Tracy and Tim will get a Litton's gift card from us.

Today is Max's mommy and daddy's anniversary.  They will get a gift card to Litton's too.
Family traditions, old and new.  Fun to reflect upon.  Got to go now!  Babysitting while they go out to dinner!
Heather & Ryan

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