September 15, 2010

Blogmania Giveaways - Winners

 Winners are Connie B of Ohio and Brooke D of Texas.  They have replied to my emails and will receive their prizes. 
Thanks to Lynda, Gina, and Krystal for all their help on Blogmania. 

Welcome to Reflections with Coffee via Blogmania!
Two prize packages are here:  Reflections and Coffee.

Reflections Prize Package won by Connie # 468 of 499.

 Family and ancestors are something to reflect upon, especially if  one comes from an unusual family.    Harelequin Teen is giving a pair of books in a series:  The Iron King and The Iron Daughter. Both are about Meghan whose father disappeared when she was age six.  It turns out that her father is......  Let's hope you win this pair of books!

A halo necklace made of hammered sterling silver will reflect beautifully on your neck, thanks to Lily Lady Blue's Lovely Things etsy shop. 

Remember Alice and the Looking Glass? The next prize book is Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy: Curious and Curiouser sponsored by FSB Media.  It answers questions such as why is the caterpillar blue?

Going with the book is a delightful handmade pin from Picture Purfect Design. Harry Rountree, a well known Golden Age Illustrator, brought his own unique style to Alice. The caterpillar is, well, blue! Just as Lewis Carroll described him to be. And to make it shine even more, three charms match up with the picture--a large silver toned bass relief mushroom, a 3D solid pewter caterpillar, and the fab double sided detailed pewter Alice.

Another pin from Picture Purfect Design is a fab front cover of a 20s edition of Vogue. A woman's need to check on her image. And she does just that with the fantastic 3D solid open pewter Makeup Compact charm.

Coffee Prize Package won by Brooke  # 5 of 499
Do you ever feel unraveled without your morning caffeine? Imagine how Aden Stone feels with four living souls living inside him!   The next pair of books sponsored by Harlequin Teen are Gena Showalter's mini-series Intertwined and Unraveled, published this month.

Wouldn't you love to curl up with your favorite cup of coffee or mocha or java or tea and read several books?  I would!  How about a book of confessions set in a coffee shop?  Coffee Confessions is a small fictitious coffee shop in Houston, Texas.   Seven stories range from inspirational to speculative fiction.

Speaking of coffee shops, want a Java Jacket with your favorite order printed on it?  Evelyn White will send you a Java Jacket personalized especially for you: your name and your order.   Grande?  Non-fat?  Whipped cream?

I'm also adding a set of four textured Espresso napkins that Evelyn made to keep with the Coffee  theme.  You can stick a napkin in your lunchbox to take to work or school.  That's what I do.  So much better than a rough paper napkin.  Who ever knew Espresso could be "green"!

 A problem with coffee chock full of caffeine is being awake past midnight.  But with a thrilling book such as Past Midnight, there's no complaining about staying up!  Thanks Harlequin Teen!

Here's a card Handmade by Rebecca  for you to send someone who is Just Your Type!

To enter leave your name and email address. The first name I draw through will choose either the Reflections package or the Coffee package.  The second winner gets the other.   Winners will have 48 hours to reply to me -- no reply, another name will be drawn.


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Yay! Fabulous prizes. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

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I love cofee and books

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