September 14, 2010

At midnight!

Blogmania begins at 12:01 EST!   It is full of Creativity.

First there's Lily Lady Blue,  her life sounds awesome.  Here is what she has done:  " I am a vagabond princess, goth of the 80s, former dancer, one time pinup, shutterbug, Lucha Libre ring girl, Broadway laundress and wardrobe dresser, Yankees fan, and city glamor girl born in the wrong era who creates lovely things. I am inspired from everyone around me and it reflects in my jewelry and hair accessories."  She's giving away a  necklace she made.

Other creations include two items from Evelyn White, a Fine Fabric Fancier.  She weaves more than fabrics; take a look at her store. 

Then of course, there's creation with words.    Seven books to give away too!  Look at the sidebar on the left, and start drooling.

Another book  is Coffee Confessions  with a short story Caramel Surprise by Ja'Nese Dixon . It is a romance short story about Sandra James, owner of a quaint coffee shop in Houston, Texas. Sandra is going through "the change" -- not menopause -- when you look around and notice that your life is not quite what you thought it would be. She has a wonderful business, however, she believes it's missing something. She will enlist the help of her best friends to fill the void in her otherwise perfect life.

Valerie of The Village of Moms has written a wonderful poem 'Twas Minutes from Blogmania

I admire those people who have the talent and ability work with their creations.  Thank you for making our world a much more pleasant place!
If you can't wait until midnight, you can look at the TAB at the top of the page and do some extra entries.


GREYZ said...

Dropping by to say Hi and for you to drop by my blog and accept an award! :) head over to Cladestine Sanctuary

Anonymous said...

Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! :)