July 27, 2010

review: What I Learned from being a Cheerleader

What I Learned from being a Cheerleader
publisher and excerpt:  Bell Bridge Books

A signed sticker for Middle School students!  Read on to see how to get one.    
Plot:    Elaine receives a diary on her eleventh birthday and immediately begins to write in it.   She is a "comic book geek" and meets with her friends who also love and draw comics.
      The same week of her birthday, she decides to try out for cheerleading in her middle school.  To her surprise and the disgust of the "popular" girls on the squad, she makes the team.   Problems start. Rumors fly around that Elaine cheated in order to make the squad.    How will Elaine overcome those rumors?  
My Perspective:   The author does wonderful descriptions of the 11-year-old's dilemmas of cliques, noisy neighbors, her first dance and her first boy-girl party.   In addition, the characterizations are done well.  I like Elaine, and that makes me more eager to see what she's thinking.  Elaine  doesn't yet have the teen-angst with her mom,  this was refreshing to read.   Her grandmother is a character that made me hoot, but I don't want to "grow-up" to be like her!
          When I read this book as an arc, there were no pictures of the comics Elaine and her comic-club friends drew, only verbal descriptions of each panel.  I even went to a bookstore to see if there was a final copy with drawings.   
Sticker for Middle Schoolers:   I contacted Adrianne Ambrose, the author, and asked about the comics.  She replied, "I'm hoping to encourage middle grade girls to try illustrating."   There may be a contest with prizes in the future. She also added,  "if girls do feel like trying to do a page or panel or even a character, they can email it to me via my blog and I will send them a signed sticker."
           The specially signed sticker would be a gem to put in one's own book!

Ambrose is also involved with a new Fraggle Rock hardcover coming in September.   How many of you enjoyed Fraggle Rock?


Adrianne said...

Thanks Betty! I appreciate the review!

Melina said...

Cute review and you are not a fussy grandma at all.