July 13, 2010

review: This is Gabriel

Does this boy look familiar?  Do you know someone who always has a wet sleeve from chewing on it?  Or a child that is always touching something or fidgeting?  Meet Gabriel;  he has Sensory Processing Disorder.  His  brain doesn't understand what the seven sensory systems are saying.  Gabriel goes to school and is trying to make sense out of it.

    Fortunately the real-life Gabriel has a mom Hartley Steiner who wrote This is Gabriel - Making Sense of School.  It explains the seven sensory systems (bet you thought you had only five senses!) and how a child with SPD views his world.  The book gives many ideas for accommodations in school. 
    This book is going straight to my school library,  it will be a life-saver for us teachers and the students.
     I think so much of the book that I'm ordering a copy as a giveaway for Got Books? on July 23-24.  Check back here to enter the Giveaway.

disclaimer:  I received the book courtesy of  Christy Bright of Beach Brights.  Thanks, Christy, and thanks Hartley, for permission to use the picture of the boy chewing his sleeve.


Beachbrights said...

Awesome. Passing it on...thanks for bringing awareness.


Melissa said...

This sounds like a great book for raising awareness. SPD isn't something that affects my family directly, but I know of others who face it.

Heather said...

SPD affects my family and not only do the teachers not know about it, the really don't seem to have much interest in learning about it. If I win, I'll definitely be giving this to our school library and make sure she knows how special it is!