July 3, 2010

review: The Gardener

The Gardener
by S. A. Bodeen
arc from Around the World Tours

No summary given:  best you discover it for yourself.  Don't even read the back of the book.

I was grabbed from the first page by the protagonist, Mason, raised by a single mother.  At age five, he sees a videotape of his father, the same day his face is disfigured by a dog.  He grows to be a  large 15-year-old football player who protects the underdogs.   Mason is encouraged by his biology teacher to apply for a special summer program.  But his mother says, "NO!"   From there, it becomes a high-speed romp through the book.

While reading, I kept thinking this would be a great movie.   The author touches upon some serious issues in our society;  I won't name those issues -- again, better you read for yourself.

The only disappointment I had was the epilogue,  everything was wrapped up down pat in a paragraph or two, leaving me to wonder how did this happen?

Good Morning America names this as one of the Best Summer Reads. 


Heather said...

But now I want to read the back cover. LOL This looks great! Thanks for the review!

Enbrethiliel said...


I want to know more about it, too! I've been seeing the cover around but haven't really been paying attention, but now I'd really like to read it. =)

But I know what you must mean. Some of the best books and movies I've known are those I knew pretty much nothing about before starting. =)