July 25, 2010

review: Don’t Blink

Guest Reviewer:  Tracy
      Hello! I’m Tracy, the lucky daughter of the lovely and talented Betty.  (note from Momma, flattery will get you more books to read!) Knowing my not-so-secret addiction to mainstream thrillers, she asked me if I wanted to read James Patterson’s newest novel, Don’t Blink, in exchange for writing a guest review here. Um, that was easy... Yes, please!

Like most of Patterson’s works, it’s a quick read with short chapters that never seem to end with a good place to put the book down - meaning I kept reading until it was over. Also true to the Patterson recipe, there’s an underlying theme of good guy versus bad guy mixed with a whole lot of death, a dash of an interesting setting, and a pinch of bittersweet romance thrown in for good measure.
      Set in New York City, protagonist Nick Daniels is a journalist who seems like a likable enough guy, but has a knack for finding trouble. With Nick caught in the middle of a Russian/Italian mafia war, I lost track of how many times he just barely escaped certain death. Good the first few times, but by the end I found myself rolling my eyes and wishing he would at least sprain an ankle to make this all a bit more believable.
        But really, who reads Patterson for a dose of reality? You know what you’re getting before you even crack open the book - a page-turner that’s perfect for killing an afternoon.
        Am I happy I read it? Absolutely. Will I rush out to buy it so I can read it again? Not so much.

Don't Blink
authors:  James Patterson and Howard Roughan
to be released September 27, 2010
arc received from Crazy Book Tours
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Kathy said...

Good review, exactly how I think about much of James Patterson!

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Great review!

Here is my Wednesday Book Review post!

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I love james patterson, Love the review :)