July 19, 2010

review: Bruiser

author:  Neal Shusterman
published  June 29, 2010
arc from Around the World Tours

        Bruiser grabbed me the day it arrived in the mail.  I opened the book in the afternoon  to read one sentence and finished it before nightfall.  Been aeons since I finished a book in half-a-day (not counting the preschool books I read to my grandson).
        The story is told from four points of view.   First there's Tennyson, an athlete, who has a tendency to be a bully.   He's angry because his twin sister Bronte is going to date the Bruiser.  Tennyson and Bronte, second POV, are children of parents who are professors of literature.  The parents are on the verge of separation.
       The Bruiser is Brewster, a big quiet guy who was voted The Guy Most Likely to Get the Death Penalty. His POV is written in poetic style.  Brew likes poetry, especially poems by  Allen Ginsberg, a beat poet.  Fourth POV is from Cody, Brew's eight-year-old brother.
       Tennyson invites his girlfriend on a date to a miniature golf course; his main motive is to follow Bronte and the Bruiser on their first date.  Naturally, Bronte is angry about this.  When Tennyson and the Bruiser eventually become friends,  impossible things start happening.   To say more would be a spoiler.  Enough to say the plot is wonderful. I'm going to look for more Shusterman books.


Jenny N. said...

I sont know too much about this book but it sounds pretty good.

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, I've loved Neal Shusterman ever since I read Downsiders--which I highly recommend, if you haven't found it yet.

Red Rider's Hood wasn't so great, though, and I don't know if I want to try any more of his fairytale retellings. (Then again, I was really spooked by the ending--and kept looking around my room just in case--so it's at least an effective Horror novel.)

Anyway, I have Full Tilt on my TBR pile and now Bruiser is going to join it.

Thanks for the review, Betty!

Emma Michaels said...

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Emma Michaels

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