July 14, 2010

review: 101 Things I Learned in Culinary School

101 Things I Learned in Culinary School is deceptively simple.  Words are on the right side of the book with drawings or diagrams on the left.  

I've been cooking for more decades than I care to mention.   I found this book
  • enjoyable because of the quotes from famous chefs.
  • informative with details on sources of food, such as beef
  • full of descriptive drawings that prove  "a picture is worth a thousand words"  with many good comparisons of techniques. There is a big difference between a cup of sifted flour and a cup of flour sifted!
  • safe (gulp) I've been holding a knife the wrong way all these years!
  •  full of "secrets" in restaurants, such as why the chef's jacket is double breasted.
  • with great definitions. There is a difference between a cook and a chef.  I'm a cook cooking from the head following recipes.  My son-in-law is a chef who "cooks from the head and the heart, and knows that an understanding of ingredients and technique trumps any recipe."
Con:  the lack of an index.

I will lend this book to an amazing chef in his kitchen, my son-in-law, to browse through.  Then it goes to my school library for our students who go off campus for Culinary Arts classes.

disclaimer:  Won this book from Hachette via Vivian Deliz's blog On a Personal Note.  Thanks, Hachette and Vivian!


Melissa said...

I think my review was similar to yours: I liked all the neat information in this book, but I wish it had an index!

Sarah said...

As my budding chef daughter spends countless hours of her Summer vacation reading and re-reading her collection of cook books, I am glad to see your review of this and think it may be one for us to check out. Thanks for is post; the book sounds like a must have in our house for ALL of us here who cook (me, my husband and daughter)- as well and anyone who picks up knives, lol!!!

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