July 5, 2010

God's Invisible Finger

I'm enjoying Kelly Minter's  Ruth:  Loss, Love, Legacy studied by followers of the LPM Blog.  

Minter tells about God's hand on events in Ruth's life (Ruth 2:3-4);  the Hebrew phrase call it "a stroke of luck" but we are led to consider "the invisible hand of Yahweh".  We are asked to reflect upon evidence of His Providence.   I always remember back to the month I received my degree in education.

I had a job offer in a school in central Maryland.  But I really preferred a teaching position in a brand new high school on the college campus where I got my degree.  Hearing nothing from them,  I made plans for the summer and fall.

In the morning, I would get up before 6 AM,  drive to central Maryland to leave my signed teaching contract,  drive on to Indiana for a summer job, and then back to Maryland in the fall to begin full-time teaching.  

The night before, Sue asked me if I would drive her things over to her friends' home to store for the summer.   We loaded up my car and went to Dona's home.

When we arrived, I walked up the driveway, stuck out my hand, and introduced myself. This was rare for me.   Due to my shyness, I was content to simply smile and say "hi."   Besides, my maiden name was unusual and hard for strangers to pronounce correctly, so why bother?  Dona would never see me again anyway.  But, I went ahead and told her my first and last name.

Immediately Dona started laughing.   I was puzzled,  my name is not that funny.  Was something wrong with my clothes?  My face?  If so, Sue would have told me.  Sue, the kind of friend who would tell you if you have spinach between your front teeth.

After Dona calmed down, wiping away her tears of laughter, she said, "I am supposed to call you first thing tomorrow morning to come in for an interview.  I'm Dr. H's secretary."     A job interview at the school I really wanted!    My first thought:  I would have already left the house when she called in the morning. 

I postponed my trip to Indiana.  Dona called,  I went in for the interview,  got the job,  taught five years in the new school in Washington, D.C., and  met my future husband on campus.

That was God's invisible finger poking me in the back, "Girl, go up the driveway and introduce yourself!"


Rebekah said...

I followed the link over from the LPM Blog because seeing how God works things out in those crazy little ways just blows my mind and it helps me to feed on His faithfulness.

What a COOL story! :) I'm so glad you followed His leading and introduced yourself ;)


Rittenhouse said...

I love that story! Hadn't heard it from you before...glad I happened to be blog-browsing tonight...

Tracy said...

Great post Betty, it's just super to see a reminder that sometimes it's not just about walking in faith, it's about taking the action necessary for him to be able to guide you!