July 29, 2010

Emma Michaels

How would you feel if the clock chimes 13 times this Friday the thirteenth?   Shudder! Pick up a copy of Emma Michaels' book, The Thirteenth Chime,  released on (you guessed it!) Friday August 13.   While we wait, Emma is here to tell us about herself and her book.
Welcome, Emma!  You've mentioned hearing a neighbor's clock chime in the middle of a storm and that inspired you to write TheThirteenth Chime.  I first became interested because it made me reflect upon the winding the antique clock in my grandmother's living room.   Are there any other clocks or special antiques in your life?
A) My desk is an antique and I have something special planned for later books so I am going to keep this one a secret! :-)

Love love love the cover with the clock face Roman numerals inside the eye.  Who gets credit of thinking up that idea?  
A) I had a few ideas concerning the cover that I shared with my publisher, who in turn found an artist who had captured the same ideas in his head. With a few revisions I requested, the cover became what it is today and I am very grateful to the artist and Bokheim for helping to make my dream a reality. The cover fits the book perfectly!

You had many rejections, then you got an acceptance notice from Bokheim.  How did you celebrate?
A) I went to an Asian restaurant with my fiance and gave my Chihuahua an extra special treat!

What is/are your favorite television series?  Why?
A) Eureka, Warehouse 13 for this time of year but it changes depending on what shows are in season or not. I am really looking forward to seeing what they will do with Fringe and Grey's Anatomy.

When The Thirteenth Chime becomes a movie, who would you love to play David, Destiny and Stephanie?
A) I love playing with this idea in my head. It would be wonderful if a movie would ever be made of the book. Because of the chemistry between David and Destiny, I think I would like it if Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk could play David and Destiny, simply because I feel that the chemistry between them when they played Smallville was perfect - it's hard to match that kind of chemistry! For Stephanie, I can't help but imagine Dakota Fanning or Alyson Hannigan in the role. There is something about the heart and spirit of those two actresses that would bring to the surface how important her role is in the story.    
Please reflect upon your favorite childhood memories.
A) I loved spinning around in my grandfather's chair, sitting on his lap, whenever the Chargers football team would make a goal. I loved my grandmother letting me help with the cooking because it made me feel so special and included, even when some of the time it ruined her recipes and she had to start from scratch. I loved when my cousins and I discovered this field of ice plant going down the hill out back of my grandmother's house when we were small and showed her. We all got boogie boards and then went sliding down! My grandmother is amazing and has made sure my life has beautiful memories. I will always be so thankful to her for that.
If the world in your novel was real, and what you had written was happening, only now you were a main character, would it have turned out any differently?
A) hmmm... Maybe but probably not. What happened just seemed to be fate for everyone, but you will just have to read to find out what!!!
    Thank you so much for the interview and to everyone reading! Your support means so much to me!!!

Thank you, Emma, for visiting us. 
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