June 9, 2010

review: The Mark

author:  Jen Nadol
received through Around the World Tours

The plot is easily described by one question on the cover:  If you had the power to see death, would you wish it away?

To rephrase the question, this one from the arc's cover:   If you knew today was someone's last, would you tell?

Cassie sees a glow around a person ... that person will die today.  She has had this gift (or curse) since she was four years old;  now she is sixteen and has just figured out what the glow means.   How can she handle this?

Something I just remembered while writing this review,  Cassandra, of Greek mythology, had the gift of prophecy.  What an appropriate name for our heroine! 

This is an intelligent read;  Cassie audits a philosophy class at the local university.  Because of this class, philosophical and ethical questions and discussions come up.    I was absorbed in Cassie's story, thanks to the author's way with words and examination of tough issues.

The book does not end as a cliffhanger, thank goodness.  There is room for a sequel,  Vision in 2011.  I'm definitely grabbing Vision as soon as it comes out. 


Zee said...

Sounds like a very interesting premise. I will have to keep an eye out for it.

jewelknits said...

It definitely does sound interesting! My Not-So-Bebe Girl Autumn is reading a book right now (I don't remember which) where the premise is that the girl can hear the truth even when someone is lying. She's enjoying it, and this sounds like one she would enjoy as well.

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries