June 19, 2010

review: The Julian Game

The Julian Game 
by Adele Griffin
released August 26, 2010
Rae and her only friend create an identity, Elizabeth,  on Facebook.    They want to see how many “FB friends” Elizabeth can get and if the local boys fall for her.

In chapter two, I got lost.  Seven names or characters were  introduced and described in a two page spread.

Rae becomes acquainted with one of the girls in The Group.   The fake Elizabeth is used  for  revenge upon one of the guys. This leads to getting even, gossip, and payback.

My perspective:  I’m too old for this.   I work  in a small  high school where bullying is not condoned, yet it still happens behind the scenes and off-campus. Now to read about revenge in a book during my leisure time? Not appealing to me, but your mileage may vary.

The cover is quite colorful with an ice-blue wig and the bright green kid gloves in front of a chessboard.   Sometimes I wonder what a book's cover has to do with the story inside.  But this time, yes, the wig and gloves are relevant to the story.   Does The Julian Game end in a checkmate?   You will have to discover that  for yourself.

Received the arc of this book from Around the World Tours.

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