June 3, 2010

review: I Now Pronounce You Someone Else

I Now Pronounce You Someone Else
by Erin McCahan
received through Around the World Tours

Basics:  Bronwen is from a dysfunctional family, emphasis on dys!   Proof:  she doesn't like ketchup; therefore she can't possibly be a member of her family.  Bronwen disses her family.  She begins dating Jared, who is finishing up college while she is still in high school.  Before long, plans are made for their wedding.  

My perspective:  At first I wasn't sure I'd like this book (ok, ok, call me judgmental -- but hey, this girl is still in high school and already engaged to an older guy?), however I  ended up enjoying this book more the further I read. 

Bronwen's spunk and sarcastic comments are fresh.   She tells Jared  about her pains of the past in order to get the secret of filling out the college Roommate Questionnaire.

This is not a typical syrupy-sweet love story, but one with explanations on who Bronwen really is  and what she longs to be.   Highly recommended.


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

This one is on my maybe list for winter! Glad to know that it is enjoyable :)

NotNessie @ Today's Adventure said...

I loved this book more the further I got into it, too.

Thanks for stopping by my review!