June 28, 2010

review: Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hector and the Search for Happiness
author:  Francois Lelord
ARC from:  Crazy Book Tours
A translation from the French;  to be released August 31, 2010

Description from Goodreads:   Hector, a psychiatrist, is very good at treating patients in need of his help. But he can’t do much for those who are simply dissatisfied with life, and that is beginning to depress him.

Hector takes a trip around the world.  From his observations and meeting people, Hector makes a list "Happiness is...." 

My perspective:   The sentences are short and deceptively simple.   At first it seems like a children's book, but it is not.  The book includes prostitutes, monks,  and other adult topics.

I smiled at some paragraphs;  for example:  "Hector is a psychiatrist; he only has to look at people to know where they went to school and whether their grandfather collected butterflies."  I know a school psychologist who, five minutes after he meets someone, classifies that person according to Myers-Briggs, such as INFP or ESFJ.
 I'll close with a reflection upon one sweet book from the 1960's, Happiness is a Warm Puppy.

What makes you happy?



Booksnob said...

Hey Betty, I just got the book in the mail. I didn't read your review yet as I didn't want to influence my view of the book, but I just became a follower of yours and will be back.

StephTheBookworm said...

Hey! I just reviewed this one today for the tour site and decided to check out everyone else's reviews for it too. I thought it was so creative that the author wrote so childlike but incorporated such adult-like themes.

Awesome review! I am now following the blog.