June 22, 2010

Max and Millions of Marbles

Well, maybe not millions, but hundreds of marbles.
 This is his daddy's t-shirt from the early 1980's.
What!!!  Me pick 'em all up?  Ya kiddin' me.


evelyn_white said...

How adorable is that :)

Renee V. said...

Max is so cute, Betty... and growing up fast! Isn't it surreal to have the baby wearing something your baby wore years ago?
Love the pictures!
Hugs and love,

Jessica Guthrie said...

how adorable. I have a 2 year and she is always trying to still my oldest"s marbles. Hi stopping in from Blogmania linky. I am glad to be here supporting other Blogmania Bloggers! Hope you get a chance to stop by. Have a wonderful evening! www.miamamiah.com

A Gluten Free Mommy said...

I've got two little kids that like to get into everything also. Stopping by through the blogmania linky! Hope to "see" you soon. http://aglutenfreemom.blogspot.com