June 7, 2010

Lost it?

It was one of those weeks filled with paperwork, the last week of school.   My birthday was Monday.

I came home late to find two birthday cards in my mailbox.  How sweet!  But I was too tired to open them.  Went straight to bed.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday came and went in a blur filled with papers and people.  More tired day by day.

Friday morning, the last day of school, dawned.   I saw the envelopes  sitting in the kitchen, and opened them.  Julie's card hit me hard.

Not that I'm that old.   But I started questioning whether I might have actually lost my ability to marvel at things.  The tears started.  I cried sobbed all the way to work.  Broke down more in the office.

I wanted my Marvels back!  Wanted to enjoy things.  Take pleasure in life.  Get rid of the feelings of grief.  Bury the paperwork.

Went to a meeting with my boss to discuss one piece of paperwork she wanted.  Turned out she had had a crying jag that morning too.  We had a good talk. She's the best boss! 

Then things happened.   A friend I had not seen in over 18 months e-mailed me saying she wanted to meet for lunch next week.   Another one texted  the same thing, "let's meet for lunch soon".   I finished up a book I was working on with the help of a third friend -- 10 minutes to spare!   

By lunchtime at work, my Marvels had returned.    Life is good.

Thank you, Julie, for the card, for touching my heart and mind, and for making me realize my Marvels are not lost.   Thank you, PSFs and f2f Friends too.   You are cherished.

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Renee V. said...

Awww... this made me smile. Marvels.
Have a 'marvel'ous day, my friend!