May 29, 2010

A time to reflect

Summer 1985, we took our children to visit the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Memorial Day 2010 -- reflecting upon veterans and current service people.  

Some veterans:   my husband,  Uncle Henry,  Joe Weber, I. King Jordan.   Thank you.

Currently serving:   Wesley Wood, Travis Ristvedt, Jason Carr, Suzanne's son, Shelley King's son,  Lenny and Sherry's son-in-law, Stefan Sneden, Dale Hallagin.    Prayers for you and your families.

If you have someone serving, please leave the name in the comments section to be added for prayers.

Thanks to my dear PSF, Pam, for reminding me this is Memorial Day weekend.

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Renee V. said...

Happy Memorial Day!
My DH served 5 years in the Navy and fought in Desert Storm.
We owe our servicemen so much...God Bless them.