May 11, 2010

Operating Room Confidential

 Operating Room Confidential
What really goes on when you go under?

To show how old I am  how much I like doctor shows, I've been a fan of Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D.  I had high school  crushes on Dr. Kildare and  Ben Casey.  I devoured Frank Slaughter books.  Nowadays, I watch Grey's Anatomy as soon as it is on my TiVo.  

Then along comes Operating Room Confidential  written by an anesthesiologist, Paul Whang, M.D.  While I read it, I recalled all the questions the nurses and aides asked me before my surgery a few years ago.  Ah-ha moment -- Dr. Whang explains why all these questions are essential, plus what not to say before surgery. 

Have you noticed a difference between your medical specialists -- such as the cardiologist, the ob-gyn doc, the internist? Whang does a great chapter about personality types and quirks among the specialists.
 Can you guess which doctor  gets burn-out the fastest?  Which specialist drives the most flamboyant car?

The hospital and other workers are described in detail.  It is obvious Dr. Whang does not like the Administration.   I smiled thinking about  the tv show House and  Cuddy having to deal with him.  The most glamorous people in the hospital are the physiotherapists and dietitians.   But the hospital cafeteria is a different story!

A fun read, which also gives you a few shudders along the way.  Here's an interview with Dr. Whang.

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