May 4, 2010

In a Heartbeat

author:  Loretta Ellsworth
received through Around the World Tours 
Summary:     Half-an-inch makes a difference in life and death.   Because sixteen-year-old Eagan is off by a fraction of an inch, she dies.  Her heart is donated to fourteen-year-old Amelia.  The two girls have completely different personalities.  Told in alternating viewpoints, the book explains cellular memory.  Why does Amelia like purple?  What is the significance of the chair in the hospital room?  What are the secrets Eagan's family have?

My viewpoint:   A great book, quick read.  As a mom, I especially liked the way the relationship each girl had with her mother was described.   Eagan and her mom had a stormy relationship.   After Amelia receives her heart, she starts mouthing off to her own mother, surprising herself and the members of her family.   I also liked reading about Eagan's flashbacks upon her past life.
Purple lollipop, anyone?


Elie said...

This sounds like a great read. I saw the cover, but passed on it. I like the idea of a nice M/D relationship.

JHS. said...

Sounds like an emotional, but compelling story.


toothybooks said...

The book sounds really interesting and I had my eye on this book. I'm glad I ran across your review of it.

gina, blogmania PR said...

This book sounds like a great read - I'm totally going to get it! Thanks for the review!