May 27, 2010

Change of Heart

Title: Change of Heart

Author:  Shari Maurer
Arc lent by Around the World Tours

Summary:  An athletic girl has a virus which damages her heart.  She needs a heart transplant.  While waiting, she meets two potential boyfriends.   Will a new heart come through?  Which guy is the one?

My impression:     Déjà vu.   Change of Heart is the second YA book I read this month about a teenage girl who needs a heart transplant.  The characters are likable.  The BFF is a typical BFF.  The guys are cute.  There's normal friction between mother and daughter.  Throw in a need for a heart transplant for some drama.  

This is a well-researched book about heart transplants.   It shows the fears Emmi has about what is happening to her.   Once I read the author's website about her own life, I understood why.  Her husband is a cardiologist.  Her daughter was born with a heart-defect.  She has written a resource book for parents of children with heart defects.  You are encouraged to read more about Shari Maurer and even the first page of her book.

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