April 5, 2010


author:  Kathryn Erskine
Released April 15, 2010 
ARC received in Around the World Tours.
Caitlin is almost 11.    She has Asperger's, and emphasizes she is not autistic.   She has early intervention and pull-out sessions  in her school with  Mrs. Brook, her counselor.  At times, Caitlin says things that makes Mrs. Brook's head do a turtle jerk.    

Caitlin discovers the word CLOsure and decides she wants this.  How Caitlin learns empathy and CLOsure make the body of this delightful book.

If you know anyone with Asperger's, this book is even more meaningful.      I have  worked with  students with Asperger’s.    We also had a woman with Asperger’s in our adult Sunday School class.

I’m reminded of one student I had both in the second grade and in high school.    The student would come into my office ANGRY because of someone else.   When telling the student the other person’s side of the issue,  I often drew comic strips with word balloons.   That helped show perspective and the child would go,  “ah. I understand.   But that’s still  not fair.”  

Mockingbird has recently been nominated for the first BFYA (ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults award) to be given in 2011.   It well deserves this award! 


Morgan said...

This book looks amazing and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I also really love the cover, it's gorgous!

jewelknits said...

My son was diagnosed with PDD/NOS when he was 4; he is now 9 and I am leaning more towards Aspberger's as a true diagnosis. Thank you for this review and for visiting my blog; this book is now on my "to be read" list.

noral said...

if i found this book with aceeptable price somewhere, i'll read it :)