February 18, 2009


In the Holy Name Challenge, one of the Lord's attributes is Sovereign. I need to design my card -- I've forgotten how to craft. In the meantime, I'm borrowing this image from The Heart Gallery.

My memory verse is from Daniel 4:34. You can see it in the sidebar. After I chose the verse, I read more about sovereignty on the Internet.

The best article is from Bob Deffenbaugh - he says, "As I searched the Scriptures for a concise definition of divine sovereignty, I was surprised to learn where the definition was found. It was not in the New Testament, not from the pen of the apostle Paul, not from Moses in the Law, and not from one of the great prophets like Isaiah or Jeremiah. The clearest definition of God’s sovereignty comes from the lips of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon. There we find not a begrudging acknowledgment of God’s sovereignty, but an expression of worship and praise."

And he gives the same verse from Daniel (Daniel 4:34-35) that I had chosen. Oh, I felt so led by God!

Deffenbaugh goes on to tell more about Nebuchadnezzar, "In our world, we have no political leader or ruler who even approaches the kind of human sovereignty we see in Nebuchadnezzar." Yet God brought him to his knees.

We need to be on our knees. To paraphrase a favorite song or two from church: "He is exalted the Most High. Hosanna to the Highest!"

What a great article, a great way to study the Bible. We have a vast library on the Internet. I've discovered so many new links of articles and visuals this week that I long to share with you.

Wish I could chatter on more, however work beckons. Have a blessed day or evening, girlies.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!! We are studying Daniel right now in church. It is such an awesome book.....and I am so looking forward to HIS return! I can't wiat to hear that trumpet sound!!Thanks for this post. It was such a blessing to me. Our God is so amazing. My husband has some great bible study tools on his website. If you are interested go to www.joespair.com God bless! Kelly

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can articulate this right, but I've heard it said that the intensity of joy one is capable of feeling is equal to the intensity of sorrow. Nebuchadnezzar reached such heights of grandeur and power like no other; and when he came to his realization, he was humbled to such an extent that he so perfectly understood God's position in his life: Most High! Everlasting Authority! With a Kingdom from one generation to the next!

I agree -- so much to learn from online (after wading through "junk" :-) and also, so accessible to us who can't hear!! -- Pat