January 4, 2009

Ways to love thee

The first song in this weekend's church service was Lincoln Brewster's Love the Lord.
Lyrics are here or here.
It reminded me of a 2007 card I made for a scripture swap on the word strength.

How do you love the Lord?

Stamp - Penny Black's chicky work-out. Sentiment - computer generated.


pat said...

Cute scripture card! :-) Do you have them all posted up or together in a book or what? A good way to saturate the mind with God's Word!

Anonymous said...

I wish I loved the Lord like this song talks about "all the time". I'm working on it!


Tami said...

I LOVE this! Do you have this image? I have been looking for it.

Ruann said...

Ditto! That card is just too darn cute! I'd love a stack of them if I could get my hands on them.

Teresa said...

What an awesome card! Love those chickens working out.

Sarah said...

I just called my daughter in to show her this. She has a thing about chickens (her Dad tells her chicken stories and jokes, draws her chicken pictures, etc.). And, she loves the Lord! So she really loved your card. I do too!
Thanks for putting up the link to Lincoln Brewster's song. It was great to have the words to sing along with the video.